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Iqbal Mohammed is Head of Innovation & Strategy at Virtual Identity AG, an independent digital innovation agency servicing the DACH and wider European markets (with offices in Munich, Freiburg, Vienna and Porto.)

His mandate in his current role is to empower brands to navigate the winds of business and digital transformation. At Virtual Identity, he is responsible for strategy and product/service development for internal and external clients. He works alongside senior client leadership to focus on the intersection between ambition and actionability to craft winning digital strategies. He is an advocate of the possibilities of innovation and new ideas, and of rolling up sleeves to help spark them through co-creation and prototyping workshops.

In a career spanning 20+ years (and 2 continents), his clients include Siemens, Infineon, Austria Post, Volkswagen, Huawei, IBM, Toyota, Lenovo, Infosys, 3M and Roche among others. As an independent consultant and in previous roles, he has led the creation of a global digital strategy for Siemens CC HQ in Munich.

He has been awarded the WPP Atticus Award for best published thinking in the Brand &  Identity category and has been featured in the list of top 50 global account planners & strategists by his peers. Among other places, his thinking & writing has been featured in the tweets of The New York Times and in the syllabus of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore.

He spent the first half of his career in the engine room of advertising, leading and mentoring an integrated creative team for some of India's largest brands. This stint served as a decade-long apprenticeship for his current career as a digital strategist, ensuring that the strategic muscles he flexes have been built upon a foundation of execution know-how.

He began his professional career as a computer programmer, a job which instilled in him the discipline of structured thinking and a deep appreciation of computer code and information processing.